Please Explain This To Me…


Brad Smeele landed a 1080 this week in New Zealand. That’s right: a ten-eighty. Three full spins. The move that the entire industry has been taking a colossal shit over for the better part of a decade. Only a handful of people have ever done it and if you’ve been reading the magazines, you’d think it was the GD holy grail of wakeboarding. Look, there’s even a sequence of it.

So someone please explain to me why we haven’t heard about it yet.

To be honest, I could really care less about 1080’s; they don’t really look that cool and people insist on talking about them ALL THE TIME. But I do have to say that it’s ridiculous that we get an up-to-date tally whenever Danny Harf or Rusty Malinoski land each one, but when Brad Smeele does one, we don’t even get a news blurb about it. I did find some talking about it on some of those online forums, but that’s far from official and honestly, half the stuff on those forums is bullshit anyway. I couldn’t find a single mention of it on Alliance’s site or WBM’s site. I did, however see that Danny Harf landed his second one on Thursday, January 31st.

Now, you have to understand, I have nothing against Danny Harf or Rusty Malinoski. I think Danny’s a total bad ass and Rusty can do some pretty crazy looking stuff, but I seriously can’t believe Smeele’s not getting any love for this. It seems like it would make an even better story because the dude is relatively unknown. When the other 1080’s went down, I remember reading news posts on Alliance saying stuff like “…just got off the phone with so-and-so, a 1080 was landed about seven minutes ago!!!! Hurrah!!!” Now, several days after Smeele’s, no one has even officially acknowledged it. Think about that: a wakeboarder from down under landing a 1080 and nobody officially acknowledging it.

Wait a minute…this sounds familiar…

My advice to Brad: move to Florida, bro down a little bit, start bench pressing small cars and get a bunch of lame-ass tattoos; you’ll be a star in no time. Call me when you need an agent.


3 Responses to “Please Explain This To Me…”

  1. Would you please explain to me why Im so fly?

  2. Turns out, i’m not so fly

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