Featured Rider – Jason Green

Look, people…it’s winter. It’s cold outside, there’s a crazy drought going on, and not much is happening in the wakeboarding world. Sorry there’s not a ton of stuff to look at right now, but don’t you worry; that will be changing in a few months.

To tide everyone over, here’s a short little clip from a guy named Jason Green. Jason’s been riding for a while now, but this past summer, he stepped it up big time and ended up winning the advanced division at Riverfest back in October. As he was accepting his trophy, I heard a few people in the crowd asking who this guy was and where he came from. Well people, the answer is Wilmington, NC and if last summer is any indication, you ought to keep an eye on him in ’08.

Jason called me up the other day and asked if I could put him together a sponsor-me video. Since I’m such a nice guy, I said yes, but when I started digging through the clips I had of him, I realized there wasn’t a whole lot to pick from. So consider this a disclaimer of sorts: what you are about to see isn’t the best representation of Jason’s riding and it’s kind of short, but like I said before; there’s much more to come.

See you guys this weekend at the Charlotte boat show…

One Response to “Featured Rider – Jason Green”

  1. I ride spinners, they don’t stop

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