I Want To Be Friends With This Guy

I know this is the second straight day of random, non-wakeboarding stuff, but this is just so bad ass, I couldn’t help myself.

It actually seems pretty fake, and I had my doubts, but I checked into it and this is totally real. It was reported on the BBC, and British dudes do not mess around.

Feast your eyes.

UPDATE: I would also like to be friends with that newscaster. Just sayin.’

5 Responses to “I Want To Be Friends With This Guy”

  1. That reporter chick was bangin’

  2. dude this shits totally not real, they’re british and talking about 20,00 Dollar fines. They got pounds over there!

  3. telepromptedanthems Says:

    Nope, it’s real fo sho…they’re Australian; the BBC reported it because that’s what a huge party it was. I did my research, dude…

  4. why cant i post replies? I called the reporter being hot way before you didbradley

  5. Townsend Says:

    i really believe this is that guy that was at knoxville with us from australia. what was his name?

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