ASG’s Blowing Up


Okay, so it’s not wakeboarding related, but Wilmington’s very own ASG are being featured over at Paper Thin Walls detailing their latest record “Win Us Over.”

If you guys haven’t heard ASG before, they’ve got kind of a punk-metal-southern rock thing going, and I have to say that the new record is fantastic. You may recognize them as the band playing for Byerly’s part in “Counterfeit This” and Fabian Ashley was been seen sporting a ASG shirt in the “UNCW Goes to Pennsylvania” video.

For the rest of the week, you can hear the whole album at, complete with commentary from the band on every song. Have a listen and go see these guys if they play anywhere near you; their live show is always super fun.

Check out their Myspace page for more info. Good stuff.


One Response to “ASG’s Blowing Up”

  1. Win us Over is by far the worst ASG album ever. Their old shit rocks but this crap is gar-baj. Excellent mastering though – even though it robs them of all style they had. (which is kinda what makes them them.)

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