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I Want To Be Friends With This Guy

Posted in Random on January 16, 2008 by telepromptedanthems

I know this is the second straight day of random, non-wakeboarding stuff, but this is just so bad ass, I couldn’t help myself.

It actually seems pretty fake, and I had my doubts, but I checked into it and this is totally real. It was reported on the BBC, and British dudes do not mess around.

Feast your eyes.

UPDATE: I would also like to be friends with that newscaster. Just sayin.’


ASG’s Blowing Up

Posted in Random on January 15, 2008 by telepromptedanthems


Okay, so it’s not wakeboarding related, but Wilmington’s very own ASG are being featured over at Paper Thin Walls detailing their latest record “Win Us Over.”

If you guys haven’t heard ASG before, they’ve got kind of a punk-metal-southern rock thing going, and I have to say that the new record is fantastic. You may recognize them as the band playing for Byerly’s part in “Counterfeit This” and Fabian Ashley was been seen sporting a ASG shirt in the “UNCW Goes to Pennsylvania” video.

For the rest of the week, you can hear the whole album at, complete with commentary from the band on every song. Have a listen and go see these guys if they play anywhere near you; their live show is always super fun.

Check out their Myspace page for more info. Good stuff.

Wait, We have A Blog?

Posted in News on January 14, 2008 by telepromptedanthems


I know that we’ve been kind of absent lately. With that in mind, here’s a funny picture of Ronald Anderson to make it all better.

We realize that we’re horrible blogger people…Things have just been crazy with the holidays and all. Don’t let the lack of activity here fool you, though; we’ve got a bunch of stuff cooking here in the TA kitchen.

Nick just got back from Florida and he’s sending me all his footy, so be on the lookout for a new video in the coming weeks. Rob’s been down in Florida at the Winter Surf Expo spreading the word about the video and this year’s CWS tour. He’s been getting a ton of good feedback and he’s got some pretty large plans for ’08 as well. Be sure to stay tuned for the final contest dates…they should be finalized any day now.

With Christmas and New Years out of the way, boat show season is right around the corner. We’re probably going to try and hit up a show or two so we can walk around and bro down and act all cool because we didn’t make it to Expo. Be sure to say hi and get a fist bump if you see us.

More updates more often…promise.