Mashups – Florida Trip

Earlier this month, we made a trip to O-Town to get some shooting done before it gets too cold down there. We met up with Kara Austin, Alex Hamrick, Adam Greer, Robby McFarland, and Adam Fields and filmed for a few days. I won’t bore you guys with the details since I went through them in depth a few weeks ago, but here is a little teaser of the footage we got in the angriest city in America.

Speaking of Florida, Nick’s down there right now staying with Alex and Gibb Gibbons and he’s getting tons of footy. The other day, he reported that he and the boys went out to the Projects and shot rails all day. Meanwhile, I’m in Greensboro freezing my ass off scraping my windshield so I can drive to the office and work. Awesome.


6 Responses to “Mashups – Florida Trip”

  1. what was adam field’s 3rd trick?

  2. telepromptedanthems Says:

    That was a Heelside On-Axis Ole 5…an Adam Fields specialty…It’s kind of been his signature trick lately…

  3. dude, I feel your pain, I’ve been scraping my windshield in wilmington so I can drive to the office and work. oh shit speaking of work, I gotta go

  4. sorry about you guys having to scrape your windshield…its nice down here 🙂 suppose to be 80 today

  5. Drew Heath Says:

    i havent been wakeboarding in like three weeks. im fienin out. Ive just been, as you all know, keeping it crunk all day everyday cuz thats how i do. and yes Brad that picture on End of Rope Gang is the Heath brothers. i dont know why My bro was holding a bow and arrow. kinda random. see ya later

  6. That WAS funny. I would have tolatly come to your kick ass party, except…

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