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Mashups – Florida Trip

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Earlier this month, we made a trip to O-Town to get some shooting done before it gets too cold down there. We met up with Kara Austin, Alex Hamrick, Adam Greer, Robby McFarland, and Adam Fields and filmed for a few days. I won’t bore you guys with the details since I went through them in depth a few weeks ago, but here is a little teaser of the footage we got in the angriest city in America.

Speaking of Florida, Nick’s down there right now staying with Alex and Gibb Gibbons and he’s getting tons of footy. The other day, he reported that he and the boys went out to the Projects and shot rails all day. Meanwhile, I’m in Greensboro freezing my ass off scraping my windshield so I can drive to the office and work. Awesome.


Old Skool – Justin Sellers

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Justin Sellers and I go way back. I grew up with his brother Joe, and back then Justin was the annoying little brother that was always hanging around. We would always have to take him out in the boat when we would go wakeboarding on White Lake in the summers. He’d put on his barefoot suit and ride his little Hyperlite kids board and basically annoy the shit out of us.

Somewhere along the line, though, he became less annoying and I began hanging out with him more and more. It got to the point where he was pretty much my best friend and to this day, there isn’t anyone I enjoy wakeboarding with more. Good times kind of follow the kid around; I have trouble thinking of a time when I was hanging out with him and had a legitimately bad time. He’s the kind of guy who could get drunk and piss on your computer, and you wouldn’t even get mad at him, it would just somehow be really funny.

As you may already know, the annoying little brother turned out to be way better at wakeboarding than all of us, and although he’s settled down a bit now, he’ll still go out and kill it when he wants to. This video was for the same school project as the clip of Brandon Graham I posted a few weeks ago. Hopefully, Justin will come out and get some shots for the movie this spring and summer.

Speaking of the movie, I’ve been capturing a ton of footage from our trip to Florida, and I can safely say that we got some pretty good stuff. Keep your eyes peeled for a little sample in a week or so.

Also, if you guys haven’t seen it, go watch the new Sidewayz movie “Transgression.” Randy Harris’ part alone is worth the cost of admission. Ronn Sidenglanz is a total bad-ass, and Randy’s section pretty much confirms that he’s the master of putting together epic video parts.

But anyway, here’s Justin…

Buy it

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Unfortunately, I have to sell my boat.  Here are some pictures. if you are interested.  For more details, check the end of rope gang classifieds.


Barco 2

Barco 3

Barco 4

How I Spent My Weekend: By Brad Holland

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We just got home from a long weekend in Orlando and I have to say it went pretty well. The weather cooperated for the most part and the riders seemed pretty pumped to go out and get some shots. We logged over 1,400 miles on the Holland Family Truckster and I’m pretty delirious from lack of sleep, but it was a good way to officially kick things off. I’ve taken the liberty of outlining how things went down for anyone who’s interested:

3:00 PM – I pull out of my office in Greensboro and head toward White Lake to meet up with Nick and Rob.
5:00 PM – Stuck in traffic in Raleigh. Not pumped.
9:00 PM – Finally meet up with the boys and leave White Lake.
10:00 PM – We’re listening to Patton Oswalt and Nick is laughing so hard, he almost poops in his pants.

12:00 AM – Coosawatchie, SC: Rob points out that my front left tire is worn all the way through to the steel. We cross our fingers and hope we make it to Florida.
1:30 AM – We stop for Waffle House somewhere in Georgia. Nick notices our waitress is drunk. We decide this is going to be a fun trip.waffles.jpg
5:00 AM – We arrive at Adam Fields’ house in Longwood, Florida. Everyone passes out.
12:00 PM – It’s cloudy and cold, so we decide not to shoot and just go out and ride on Lake Brantley.
4:00 PM – Everyone heads over to Kara Austin’s house on Lake Conway to go shoot her, Adam Greer, and Robby McFarland. The light still sucks. but everyone gets some shots.
7:00 PM – Rob makes everyone dinner and we crash early.

5:45 AM – Adam barges into our room and wakes us up. We all head over to Lake Conway.
7:30 AM – We shoot all morning with both Adams, Robby, Kara, and Alex Hamrick. Big thanks to Gibb Gibbons and Nick G. for coming over and letting us use their cameras and Dustin Prescott for waking up and bringing his boat so we could shoot from it.
11:00 AM to 3:00 PM – Everyone makes fun of Kara’s crazy roommate for four hours straight. Both Kara and Adam Greer say that they thought I was 30 years old. I am officially pissed.


3:30 PM – Afternoon shoot. We see a bright red snake in the canal and Adam Greer tries his best to kill Kara, Robby, and Kara’s non-crazy roomate Meagan on the tube. Meagan says that she thought I was 22. Meagan is awesome.
7:00 PM – Dinner and beers. I try not to think about what time we have to get up in the morning.

5:30 AM – For one reason or another, everybody but Adam Fields decides that they’re too tired to wakeboard.


7:30 AM – Slalom skiers are not happy with us, but Nick gets some good shots of Adam from the tube. Everyone takes a quick set and we head back to Adam’s house.
11:30 AM – Adam leaves for another photo shoot, we pack up and hit the road. Nick watches footage on his GL2 on the way home and seems pretty pumped.
6:00 PM – I finally watch “Grandma’s Boy” on the way home. I can’t believe movies that horrible are allowed to be made. Seriously guys; that movie sucks.

All in all, it was a successful trip. Nick’s heading back down there next month for three weeks or something, so expect more good things. Keep checking back for a sample of what we got. I’ll post some pictures as soon as Rob quits slacking and emails them to me. Once again, big thanks to all the riders and everyone who helped us out over the weekend and huge thanks to Adam Fields for letting us crash at his house. If anybody’s thinking about spending some time at Adam’s wakeboard camp over the winter you should definitely make the trip; he’s got a sick setup down there. Check out his website for more information.

I’m going to bed.