Benny Boy

I used to absolutely hate wakeboarding. During my time in middle school, all I did was hang out and watch my two buddies, Benedict Sass and Brian Hicks, wakeboard behind a little Boston Whaler all day long. I was pretty adamant about not trying it until, one day, Benedict forced me. It took me about thirty or so tries to get up, and I still hated it. I had to learn to jump the wake to even begin enjoying myself (which wasn’t for another year or so).

Well, the bottom line is that Benedict is solely responsible for teaching me, and probably about thirty other kids in the Wilmington area, how to ride a wakeboard. Thanks a lot for getting me addicted to the most expensive sport in the world, you asshole.

Here is some footy of Benedict. There are a few shots from 2003, 2005, and 2007. Just random stuff I had of Robby McFarland’s clone on my computer. Eat it up son.


One Response to “Benny Boy”

  1. whats the name of the song on the video

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