Flock of Seahawks

Back in September, the UNCW Wakeboard Club went to Pennsylvania to compete in a regional qualifier for the Collegiate Nationals. The contest went down the same time as the Wake the Lake contest, so I couldn’t make it, but Nick was on point and filmed pretty much the entire weekend.

Although I wasn’t there, I can pretty much make several assumptions about the trip. They are:

1. Pennsylvania smells bad

2. Pennsylvania has questionable plumbing

3. Tim is scared of the camera

4. According to Corey, girls don’t poop

5. UNCW has a stacked wake team that loves using excessive amounts of profanity

In the end, the Seahawks placed 2nd overall and easily qualified for Nationals in San Diego. They also had some pretty impressive individual results; club president Jon Bryant took 1st Place in the Beginners division, vice-president Tim Boyer placed 2nd in Wakeskate, Nick won the Outlaw division, while Fabian and Justin Sellers took 1st and 2nd in the Pro division, respectively.

What you see below is pretty much a play-by-play of how the weekend went down. If there are little kids around, you might want to tell them to put on the earmuffs.


6 Responses to “Flock of Seahawks”

  1. Where’s Sellers’ gay ass blurt out?

  2. I was really bummed that I couldnt be there…until I found out that I would have had to hover over a hole to piss. not my cup o’ tea 😛

  3. okay, nick won’t shit anywhere but his own bathroom but will go in a hole in the ground…interesting

    thanks for the video of the trip…i feel updated

  4. yo, my name doesnt have a E in it, but the video is awesome

  5. DoucheBagMcGee Says:

    you guys are not cool. that vid made me think wakeboarding was the gayest thing anyone can do, please do not try to talk into the camera about retarded shit. its totally embarassing especially when you say fuck every other word and you dont ever really say fuck anyways. fucks

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