A Blast from the Past

On Friday, Brandon Graham came up to hang out and go to the Bright Eyes show in Winston Salem (As a side note, Bright Eyes totally sucks live; don’t even bother). If you’re unfamiliar with the name Brandon Graham, he was quite the wakeboarder for many years, and he still would be had he not spent the past few years recovering from his second blown knee. We talked shop for a while and he mentioned that he would like to start riding a bit more next year. Naturally, I then told him he was expected to come out and get some shots for the movie.

Our conversation prompted me to break out this clip, which was part of a school project I did my senior year. It was shot mostly in the summer of 2004, a year before Brandon’s second knee injury. I realize how ironic it is that we’re classifying a three year old video “old school,” but whatever. Just watch it. BG’s a ripper and if you happen to see him on the street, tell him to get his act in gear and start wakeboarding more in 2008.

In more current movie news, Nick and I have been kicking around some possible names for the video and capturing footage like crazy. We’ve got several trips planned for the next few months, and we’ll keep you guys posted as things come together.

Go Wolfpack!

2 Responses to “A Blast from the Past”

  1. Wolfpack is for Fags

  2. when i first started wakeboarding in wilmington (fall of 2004), i went out to kent’s about everyday. watching brandon was probably the highlight of my day, he is one of my favorite people to watch. i miss those days…brandon should def. get in some more water time in 08 cause i want to see him in this video

    by the way, the quality of the video footage has gotten much better

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